Forming a positive workplace culture is beneficial for a number of reasons.  First, it keeps current employees happy, leads to lower absentee rates, increases the level of job performance, and fosters employee growth and development. Secondly, a positive workplace culture has a greater chance of attracting potential job candidates to your practice.

With that said, here are some tips to establish a positive culture at your hospital.

  • Friendly competition is a great way to get in the competitive spirit and help reach team goals. Track team progress on a board in the break room throughout the year so everyone can see who’s winning. Award winner’s a prize.
  • Holding regular (monthly/bi-weekly) meetings for employees to focus on what they’ve excelled at in the past weeks is an excellent way to show appreciation for what they’re doing and go over where there’s room for growth.
  • Get out of the clinic together for out of the office team building. Quarterly dinners out, bowling, or a game night allow for bonding outside of the office.
  • Provide clear and consistent messages that reinforce positive workplace behaviors (lead by example).
  • Consistently try to have a positive attitude.  Do not cater to negative ideas, attitudes, and behavior. Recognize and celebrate individual employee and team successes.
  • Actively listen and care about what each other is saying and feeling. People are happier when they know someone at work genuinely cares about them.
  • Keep a smile on your face; it is contagious!

Letting your team know they are appreciated and fostering a positive workplace environment overall improves people’s relationships and increases performance. Encourage employees to get to know each not only inside the office but outside the office as well.

Also, keep in mind that communication is essential. Proper communication organically leads to a positive workplace culture. If your team isn’t sharing their opinions (both good and bad), it can lead to built up frustrations.

How do you encourage a positive workplace culture at your hospital?  Share with us in the comments!