Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and with it comes barbecuing, boating and fun. Make sure your pets enjoy the festivities too but be sure to consider their safety first. That said, here are some great tips to keep them safe during your celebrations!


Keep pets away from fireworks

Fireworks can startle pets. If you know there are going to be fireworks at your Memorial Day celebration; it might be best to keep pets at home.  Remember, every dog reacts differently to various levels of noise. The combination of loud people and fireworks might cause them to run away, risking the chance of them getting lost.

Have plenty of water

The heat can quickly dehydrate pets. Dogs have no other way to cool themselves off besides painting, so it’s important to keep them in the shade. Animals with flatter faces like pugs, and Persian cats are more likely to get heat stroke because they cannot pant as effectively as other breeds. Overweight pets and animals with medical problems should be kept in the air conditioning when possible.

Avoid giving leftover food

It might be tempting to give your four-legged friend leftover food, but it can be life-threatening. Gristle, fats, and bones that can be found in barbecue should never be given to your dog. Onions, avocado, grapes, alcohol and salt can all be harmful to your pet. While you may feel bad not sharing your delicious meal with them, know is it definitely the better choice for their well-being. Check out this list of harmful barbecue foods for more information.

Make sure they have proper ID

Fireworks and loud noises can easily scare pets. Always make sure they have proper identification tags on or are microchipped if they are outside with you. This will increase the chances they get returned home safely in the event they run away or get lost. Talk to your vet today about microchipping. ID tags can be purchased at your local pet retailer.

Avoid Citronella based candles

No one likes an outdoor get together with bugs, but citronella candles can be deadly to pets. Any citronella-based repellants are irritating to dogs. Use citronella-free or non-toxic candles if you plan on using a repellant, or keep Fido in a contained area away from them.