Every day we show our dogs how much we love them, but on their birthday or adoption day, they deserve a little extra love! Here are five ways to celebrate your dog’s special day.



Plan & Throw a Party

Invite all your two and four-legged friends. It’s important to make sure that Fido gets along well with all the pets invited.  Create the event on Facebook, or mail out personal invitations. Also, consider your dog’s personality. If they are shy and quiet, have a more low-key celebration.

A photo booth with easily printable props and festive balloons could add some additional fun to the soiree. Get creative and have fun with your dog’s party. Lastly, don’t forget the favors. For humans, make bone-shaped cookies, and for dogs, wrap up treats in individual bags to give to party goers. Remember to always supervise the party, ensuring no dogs are left unattended.



Find the Perfect Gift

If it’s been a while since you treated your dog to a new toy, this is the time to do it! Splurge a little, and get them a few extra toys to add to their collection. Consider what some of your pup’s favorite toys are when shopping for their gift; these will add even more excitement to their special day.



Dog Looking at Bone
Bake a Cake

No birthday party is complete without a delicious cake! Make your pup their favorite flavor cake or cupcake for the occasion. Here are fourteen great recipes that they will want to chow down.



Spend a Little Extra Time

Fido’s birthday is the perfect time to spend a little bonus time with him. Go on an extra-long walk, or visit one of his favorite spots. Take him for a run, or dine together at a dog-friendly outdoor restaurant.



Pamper Them
Dog in Bath

Making your dog feel extra special on their big day doesn’t have to come in the form of gifts and parties. Take this time to get them groomed, clip their nails, and splurge on the extra coat conditioner, especially if your pup hasn’t had an appointment in a while.

What are you planning for your dog’s birthday?

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