As much as you enjoy your career, there’s no question that the workplace can also be a large source of stress. That’s why many of the top companies in the world are advocating for a culture of wellness. Companies like Google offer a slew of perks like on site-physicians, free lunch, and even nap pods.

While it’s not always realistic to have those incentives, we can certainly emulate their approach to creating a happier and more positive culture, which starts the second an employee walks in the door. Managers take the time to warmly great employees when they come into work and point out the accomplishments or progress their teams have achieved that day.

With new employees, it’s been proven that even the simple task of greeting them and laying out what they are going to accomplish together leads to a 15% increase in productivity over the following nine months of their start date.

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Wellness Lunch Room

Taking a holistic approach and looking at education through wellness activities can enhance the social, communal, and physical aspects of your team. Here are four benefits of having wellness activities at your practice:

Happier Employees

It’s a fact that healthier employees are happier and more productive in the workplace. Mix up the daily lunch routine and have a monthly potluck where everyone brings their favorite dish. Or, bring a local food truck to the office with healthy options available and eat outside with your team.

Improved Physical Activity

Daily physical activity decreases the risks of future health problems. It also boosts alertness and concentration by increasing blood flow to the brain. If you have a meeting, try moving it outside and going for a walk (if you don’t need a laptop). Other options include participating in local 5ks with your team, having weekly Fitbit challenges, or trying different ways of working out together, like yoga. Incentivize physical activity by rewarding employees that hit a particular fitness goal.

Improved Sense of Accomplishment

Participating in community events and volunteering can make people healthier and happier. It also instills a sense of purpose and accomplishment that can re-energize your team. Look into volunteer opportunities at the local animal shelter, food bank, or community outreach program. After all, who doesn’t feel great after helping the community or animals in need?

A recent survey of employees who had volunteered in the past 12 months, shows the direct impact it has had on their overall well-being:

Sense of Purpose


have an increased sense of purpose



have an improved sense of well-being



feel healthier

Lower Stress


have lower stress

Stronger Relationships

Team building days, social events and a pleasant work environment create a community spirit amongst employees. Get dinner with your team or host a breakfast with healthy options. Is there a coworker that likes the same music as you? Then suggest going to a local concert together. The possibilities are endless if you get creative. Overall, doing things as a team that isn’t work related will increase employee engagement and productivity


We spend the majority of our days at work and with our coworkers, so why not strive to make it a fun and positive environment? Food choices, physical activity, and team building activities during and after work, are all ways to boost overall wellness. Doing something fun and rewarding builds camaraderie inside and outside of the office.

Now you’ve got the basics! So, grab some coworkers and take a walk, check out a concert, or volunteer for an instant mood booster.