Communication is arguably one of the most important skills you can have. Open communication with your team builds a culture of trust, and when employees feel like they can trust their team, they are more likely to speak openly. Check out these five tips to improve communication within your team. 


Put Your Team at the Center of Communication

Teams that interact through constant communication tend to get projects done quicker and more efficient than their counterparts. Effective conversations help team members understand their roles and the tasks at hand.


Keep It Simple

Keeping conversations simple and eliminating jargon helps to better understand the goals and remove any guesswork from the conversation. Research has shown that good communication mixed with clear objectives leads to the highest level of success in teams, so don’t let confusing lingo get in the way. If you’re not already doing it in your practice, try to have daily huddles to go over your tasks for the day. They don’t have to be long but make sure you’re able to communicate your goals.

Phone Communication

Create Communication Options that Work

There’s no one size fits all choice for communicating. Make options for dialect open to team members. If some would rather communicate via phone, rather than email for certain conversations, then that’s fine! Making communication comfortable creates a more conducive environment for honest conversations. Try to keep an open-door policy as much as possible. Communication is a two-way street, and the more opportunities team members have to discuss their thoughts, the better.

A more effective team

Building a More Effective Team

You’ll notice that once your team starts communicating regularly, projects will start getting done more efficiently and there will be less confusion. Everyone on your team is unique and brings a different skill set to the table, so it’s important to find the method of communication that best fits your group.


Make Your Meetings Count

Raise your hand if you like a Monday meeting that drags on way longer than necessary. If I were in front of a crowd right now, I wouldn’t expect to see anyone’s hand raised (unless you truly enjoy the thought of that). To keep things productive, try to keep meetings on track and don’t get distracted by side conversations. You’ll find this saves a lot more time than you think, and will maximize the important conversations that need to happen, and tasks at hand for the week ahead.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix up your meeting location. If you can tell your team dreads heading to the same white-walled conference room every Monday, then switch it up! Meet in a different room, or head to a cozy local coffee shop. This can help spark creativity, and add some fun to your team’s usual routine.

Like they say, communication is key! These are just a few ways to improve the efficiency of communication within your team, but it’s a great place to start.