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While other group practices promote a one size fits all approach, a Pet Partners’ veterinary hospital is encouraged to retain their unique personal style. We work with practices to remove roadblocks and enable them to reach goals they never thought possible. By having us behind-the-scenes to support operations, doctors and their staff are able to dedicate their attention to creating a superior experience for pets and their owners. We find that makes for a pretty satisfying partnership.

Pet Partners specializes in purchasing neighborhood animal hospitals. We provide each with a wide suite of business management support services. These services are in place to assist animal hospitals in the pursuit of reaching their goals.

Our business was founded by two well-respected veterinarians who practiced for a combined total of almost 40 years and had experienced the opportunities, challenges, inspirations and frustrations that drive a veterinarian and a private practice.



Our mission is to inspire our Pet Partners community of hospitals to be recognized as the finest companion animal veterinary practice in the United States while maintaining our uncompromising principles of pet care and customer service as we grow. The following guidelines will help lead our decisions:


  • Provide the highest standards of veterinary care to maintain quality health and longevity on the part of our pets.
  • Understand that pets are an essential part of the family and strive to achieve the finest client experience through communication, education, and exceeding expectations.
  • Create a working environment for staff that encourages and supports professional pride and development.
  • Develop the highest quality leadership teams in the industry through a management culture that produces deliverable business results. We recognize that positive business outcomes are essential to our future success in preserving these principles.


at Pet Partners we share your love for pets

Some members of the family have two legs, while others have four. No matter what it takes, it’s our job to keep them happy for a long time to come.

At Pet Partners, we understand all aspects of a veterinary hospital and are dedicated to our goal of healthy pets and happy owners. We work every day with the animal hospitals in our community to make sure they are providing each pet with the highest level of care. Pet Partners understands pets are an essential part of the family and strive to achieve the finest client/patient experience through communication, education, and exceeding expectations.


we invest in your associates to make your practice more successful

Pet Partners’ associates include professionals from all disciplines of veterinary medicine and business alike. Industry experts will be available every step of the way to help hospitals reach the goals they have set. When hospitals become part of the Pet Partners’ family, selling owners become our partners.

We work together with hospital teams to draw upon the individual strengths of each hospital member to deliver a superior client experience, and provide guidance in professional development. Pet Partners empowers our employees to make the right decisions for both the practice and its patients. It’s the combined talent of our doctors and staff that sets us apart from the crowd!


your veterinary hospital can be part of our community

Our practices range in size from single-veterinarian clinics to large group animal hospitals, and 24-hour emergency hospitals. Regardless of the size, each of the hospitals in the Pet Partners’ community is encouraged to retain their unique culture and personal style.

Our hospitals make the Pet Partners’ community unique. We promote sharing of best practices and other resources between hospitals to help each one reach new goals they once thought were unreachable. This is what makes the Pet Partners’ community one-of-a-kind.

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