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we are here to help your hospital infrastructure operate at peak performance, covering set-up, security, strategy, and more.

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The Pet Partners’ technology team is responsible for supporting your veterinary hospital’s entire computer infrastructure. From ensuring your network and hardware is up to speed to making sure your equipment is functioning properly, they’re here to make sure your hospital has all the tools you need to keep it running behind the scenes. Need a way to streamline patient data? They’ve got it covered.



Our IT Team will make sure all of your data, credit card machines, and websites are secure.



We’ll send you a weekly easy to understand report detailing how your hospital is running.


Technology helps veterinary practices transform and grow. Our technology team works with hospitals to plan for current and future needs.


One of the first things we address when a new partner joins is the current IT in place. Our team will do an in-depth study to understand where you are and how we can help develop capabilities enabling innovation and agility.



We’re always on call to answer any IT questions you may have. Whether it be a web, setup, or PIMM question, we have the answer.


No need to worry about setting up all of your new technology. Our team will get everything up and running for you!

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