At Pet Partners we want everyone to feel included and be a part of this amazing team, but people sometimes don’t feel that way. Have you ever thought about what inclusion is?

What Does Inclusion Mean to You?

We are all different, we are all human, and everyone should feel safe to be who they are, both within and outside of the workplace.
Tell us what inclusion feels and looks like to you!

10 + 7 =

Inclusion is when your coworkers go out of their way to help each other.

Marly Towers

Boone Animal Hospital

Inclusion is working in an environment where I can be my true self and not feel judged.

Emily Borst

Pet Partners OSC

Inclusion is being welcomed into the work family even though I’m just the “Friday Girl”, being recognized for my achievements, and being included in events outside of work.


Broadway Animal Hospital

Inclusion is understanding that everyone walks through the door with their own story!!!

Kelly Trendell

Pet Partners OSC

Inclusion is valuing everyone’s ideas and skills. It is working together to help each other and the organization grow.

Steve Ireland

Pet Partners OSC

Inclusion is when people make you feel welcome and warm no matter who you are and where you come from. There’s no idiom and country involved when real people make you feel at home.

Newman Veterinary Center of Deltona

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While other group practices promote a one size fits all approach, a Pet Partners’ veterinary hospital is encouraged to retain their unique personal style. We work with practices to remove roadblocks and enable them to reach goals they never thought possible.

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