Welcome to the Operations Support Center (OSC). The OSC is not a veterinary hospital, and we do not generate revenue for Pet Partners. We spend our days a little differently than our veterinary hospitals. Our purpose is to help high performing veterinary teams reach even higher levels of success.


the Operations Support Center is here to help you grow your veterinary hospital


It’s no secret that strong leaders build strong communities. One of our first priorities is working to define leadership roles and establishing a strong employee communication framework.


The Pet Partners’ Finance team works with your veterinary hospital in the areas of comprehensive bookkeeping, financial management, and tax oversight. They relieve hospitals of the headaches and stress associated with high-level cash planning and management.


The Pet Partners’ technology team is responsible for supporting your veterinary hospital’s entire computer infrastructure. We are here to help your hospital infrastructure operate at peak performance, covering set-up, security, strategy, and more.


Working closely with Operations, our Medical Mentorship Committee, Medical Advisory Board, and the Medical team will provide up-to-date medical information and opportunities for advancing medicine.


Here at Pet Partners, HR is called P&O (People and Organization) and is here to partner with the hospitals and the rest of the OSC to attract, motivate, engage, and retain the best industry professionals. P&O has specific areas of expertise in benefits, payroll, recruiting, and associate relations.


We want to get to know your animal hospital. Taking time to understand how you work is the only way to create campaigns that will appeal to your target market and make your veterinary hospital marketing successful.

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While other group practices promote a one size fits all approach, a Pet Partners’ veterinary hospital is encouraged to retain their unique personal style. We work with practices to remove roadblocks and enable them to reach goals they never thought possible.

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